Camping Gas Stove



The Camping Gas Stove

The camping gas stove has changed little over the years.  The basic design being a burner that either attaches directly to the top of a gas canister, or is attached to it by a hose.  In spite of this simple design  the construction of the camping gas stove has led to many variations. 

The most familiar design is the Calor gascooker with a twin burner and grill that has been used by family campers and out  door enthusiasts  who are able to transport their camping gear by car or van rather than having to carry it on their backs.  This design has been around since the 1950’s and includes wind shields as well as folding into its own case. 

The gas cylinder is attached to the cooker  by a flexible rubber hose.  The usual type of gas for these is butane.  Butane comes in blue cylinders which have the regulator attached in a clip on manor with the hose to the appliance pushed and clipped onto the regulator. 

The alternative type of gas is propane that comes in red cylinders with a screw on regulator.  The thread is left handed rather than the usual right handed type and this can cause the novice puzzlement and problems.  The advantage that propane has over butane is that it freezes at a lower temperature.  Both types of gas are in liquid form in their containers.  The two types of gas also are burned at different pressures and this explains the different types of regulator which cannot be put onto the wrong gas cylinder.

Now there has been a new development in this type of portable gas stove with the advent of the canister of gas that is a similar size to an aerosol can of hair spray, air freshener or wasp killer.  Rather than being attached to the burners by a hose the canister fits into the housing of the two or single burner  gas hob.  The whole thing is now self contained and even the two burner models  are smaller than the average briefcase.  Most of these have a self igniting system which makes forgetting the matches a thing of the past.

There are single burner gas camping burners that are very portable and are designed for back packing or military use.  Some of these attach directly on to the top of a small gas cylinder with a dumpy design for stability.  Others have a flexible tube with a screw on connector to attach them to a small gas cylinder.  This type usually has three folding legs that also act as pan supports, a gas valve to adjust the strength of the flame and a pietzo self igniting unit.  The burners themselves are usually made from stainless steel for long life and lightness.

There is such a wide range of camping gas stoves available now that all requirements are covered, there are cast iron single and double units for use in the garden as well as the portable types for camping and hiking described earlier.

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